About Us

We are Al-Diyafa Group company, we start our brand and our story of success since 2003 and built our headquarter in Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and NOW, Al-Diyafa Group proud to have multiple companies Al-Diyafa for Tours & Travel, Al-Diyafa for Umrah service, Al-Diyafa for catering, Afage for transportation and Merge for events to service our guests from the world by providing all type of service from arriving to departure Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At Al-Diyafa Tours, we are offering multiple service to our clients to ensure the experience of exploring Saudi Arabia and the world with smart technology to discover KSA as well the world.

Our goal to be the first and best choice to reach the explore legacy traditional, history place and the amazing resorts.

Here, we are putting on your hand and by just a click thru our website all travel and tourism services Flights, Hotels, Tours Adventures and Holidays Packages with experience of customers service team working 24/7 to make sure of high-quality service provide to our guests.